#1 Gyuutan Don 

The first is always the best! For my first restaurant review, i want to write about my favourite dish that i currently have a huge crush on. It is the Gyuutan Don! 
Gyuu means ox/cow and Tan means tongue. While Don is derived from the word Donburi which literally means bowl or rice bowl. So Gyuutan Don is an ox tongue rice bowl, or for me personally “a heavenly Japanese style bowl of sliced ox tongue with rice”
One of the best place to get Gyuutan in Jakarta is no doubt in Akasya Express. Yes, it’s the Akasya famous for their catering service and now they have expand the business into restaurant by opening two outlets in a canteen/gourmet warteg concept in South Jakarta at Kemang and Radio Dalam/Barito area. 
The Gyuutan Don in Akasya (Rp. 60.000) is only served during dinner time. It is served in a proper size, not overly generous and not too small. Just enough to satisfy your taste buds but keep you wanting to come back and have some more. Inside the Don is rice, the generous slices of the ox tongue, leeks, quail egg, and top with sprinkles of sliced bird’s eye chili. The bowl is accompanied with a special soy sauce which tastes really good, a good balanced between salty and sweet.
The rice is tasty and buttery. But the rice portion is too small if you’re hungry. But you can always order two portions of Gyuutan Don, right? 
Moreover, the ox tongue is tasty, cooked well and still has that slight chewyness, which i really like. The sprinkle of leek and the combination of the special soy sauce makes the whole dish even more tasty. But i got to admit that the bomb of the dish is the bird’s eye chili. It gives the extra kick needed by the dish to make it even more lovable by spicy food lover. 
The spiciness of the chili combined with the savoury and buttery taste of the dish even makes me salivate when writing this review! 
Spicy rate: 2.5/5

Taste level: 4/5

Writer : ST

Photo : TP


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